Session Formats

At NEXT you'll experience sessions in these two formats:

Lecture - A traditional presenter format where the discoverer of the insights presents his/her knowledge and story. 

Workshop - An interactive sessions where you get to learn, create, and tinker alongside the presenter, a co-explorer.  

Session Tracks

Visionary Leadership—Explores high-level concepts and strategies that are driving transformational change organizations to better understand the goals, challenges, and successes of digital-age learning. This track may include such topics as large-scale implementations, capacity building, professional learning, and change management.

Assessments, Data, and Informed Decision-Making—Investigate the key concepts and best practices for using formative and summative assessments, aggregated data, and analytics to inform decisions at the classroom and institutional levels. This track may include assessment ideas that accommodate diverse learner needs, best practices for tracking and reporting on student progress, using data to inform instruction, and creating targeted institutional initiatives that stick.

Innovative Teaching and Learning —Journey to the edge of what's possible as innovative educators share their discoveries and promising practices that have generated notable results while teaching students and faculty. This track may include stories and best practices on blended learning, gamification, differentiating and personalizing learning, and global learning.

Schoology Tips and Best Practices —There is always something new you can learn about Schoology. This track may include Schoology proven and promising practices (pedagogical, andragogical, and systems-level),  best practices of newly released features, and hands-on workshops with upcoming developments.